"Imagine If Terminator...."

We went skateboarding at the weekend. On saturday we went to Watford to do a demo. i say we more like Craig and we tagged along. Now let me tell you now Croxley Green skatepark is a heep of bloody dump. Bromley wrecked his knee i fell off rolling around because the floor is the equivalent of a real dodgy road surface. Proper shit. Then we did a stunter at Watford skatepark. Train to Karls to stay the night. Up nice and early to skate Swalecliffe and Deal. Finally a swim and a sand fight at Margate.

Also last night Karl was tearing the tits off Saffron Walden untill his old bloke metabolism kicked in and he fell over and dislocated his little finger. As if that wasnt enougth he booted a rock the other day and bruised his toe what a plonka. Sure Jake will stick up a pic of it.


The last little while and that

bin fuckin' zoo avent i?
Yeah just loads of things going on nothing out of the norm but should be some stuff soon or whatever and should be moving into gnarbunga castle soon enough which should be stonkin' laters i'll try and dig out some shit video or something

Ride along a thing

Luke wins! Hooray!