Bedfordshire Is Finally Awesome

At long bloody last a wicked peng skatepark has been built like 20 miles away in Eaton Bray (Between Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable) Karl took some snappers of it so here they are..


Jaffa Cakes For All

We went to Blackpool last night for the end of the summer jam it was really good.

I stappled a fly to the floor at work the other day. wheyyy


Levi Roots Is A Total Hunk.

So not a lot has really happened since the last post just the usual skateboarding and sodding about. Lets see went to Colchetster the other day to skate the new bowl i dont think any of us were overly impressed. Im a cheap bastard are rarely buy anything but me current board was truely fecked so i got a new one. oh yeah and at work we went round this dudes farm and he gave me a double barrel flintlock rifle pretty nifty.

Anyway jakes moving to hatfield tomorrow so im sure hell knock out some blogs. laters bumbaclart.


"Imagine If Terminator...."

We went skateboarding at the weekend. On saturday we went to Watford to do a demo. i say we more like Craig and we tagged along. Now let me tell you now Croxley Green skatepark is a heep of bloody dump. Bromley wrecked his knee i fell off rolling around because the floor is the equivalent of a real dodgy road surface. Proper shit. Then we did a stunter at Watford skatepark. Train to Karls to stay the night. Up nice and early to skate Swalecliffe and Deal. Finally a swim and a sand fight at Margate.

Also last night Karl was tearing the tits off Saffron Walden untill his old bloke metabolism kicked in and he fell over and dislocated his little finger. As if that wasnt enougth he booted a rock the other day and bruised his toe what a plonka. Sure Jake will stick up a pic of it.


The last little while and that

bin fuckin' zoo avent i?
Yeah just loads of things going on nothing out of the norm but should be some stuff soon or whatever and should be moving into gnarbunga castle soon enough which should be stonkin' laters i'll try and dig out some shit video or something

Ride along a thing

Luke wins! Hooray!


Horror Acid

Last night we went skateboarding to Saffron Walden like we do every week. I found a sweet bit of Road kill a female Grass Snake with all her eggs squashed. I really like snakes but this was pretty cool.

Notice the yellow/black collar shows its a grass snake shame all the eggs are all buggered they usualy have a about 30-40 hatchlings. Bastard

Jake took some picys of Matthew John doing a rocky roll in the middle bowl didnt see the pictures so dont know if he'll plop anything up. Going to Karls at the weekend for a BBQ booze up skate. Laters omg


Cave my face in

Right so we obviously went to Saffron Walden on whenever it was, a few weeks back, but thats nothing out of the ordinary is it, Twang! Luke tickles a nose pivot 720 out and Dude McGnarchugger takes the ole' Gay Twist Varial cross-foot landing, pretty hot action.

Yeah, erm there was a Bar-Be-Queue :@( haha Fuck off, yer i think Luke had a burger, what a flirt,

Also, here's where it gets wacky, we went to Fleckney, wasn't very wacky atall really, good laugh though right. Photos dont do the extension justice, im not saying its stonking or anything but its pretty hard to get lines at.

Slap it like some fat vicar tits

Luke is a distant relative of Hosoi so he figured he'd sling a little Christ-ee just above the coping like jsut coz e woz muckn bowt __rofl <3 style="TEXT-ALIGN: center; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 400px; DISPLAY: block; HEIGHT: 300px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5355395499937133298" border="0" alt="" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_jh6QAscFuV4/SlIv1UV6cvI/AAAAAAAAALo/0cgptnsZIqc/s400/P6285356.JPG">Then he fell down a hill

Sit in traffic if you want to kill yourself

Bromley gave 6 thumbs up

So it was hot and that and we all got a little colour which was such a treat because its the season for being fabulous.

Then on SATURDAY me and B went to london because Craig said to so we hit Brixton or stockwell i don't care what you call it its pretty much the same. Yeah there was some shit in full swing and we were like hi Craig, hi Dan and hi Max, skated the jumps for abit then went Mile end and it was well quite because every cunt was at stockerzz skated there got raddly bushwhacked, i think max got a stick off dynamite go off in his pocket next to his arm and hurt it so he went home, then we went peckham/camberwell bowl which was a laugh, i fell off then traded my falling off for a slice of corned beef and some sellotape with the greek gods and that was cool, back to stockwell skated, nutty! oh yer and my dad came because hes pretty nutty himself.

Craig and Dan are rad like pinball so check it out if you dont know shit

Should be slapping Whitsatble in the face in the near future so watch out, think im going to set up a new deck, killer!

Wow, 2 for the price of 1. Thank you.


So put your hands on your face and cover up your eyes.

Afternoon all. As you can probally see there has been a lack of activity on here. Im not sure why i suppose theres more interesting things to be done. Well let me tell you now theres been plenty of radical gnarly skateboarding and plenty of videos and pictures taken, but not put on here. For example last night we went skateboarding with a rather special guest, Only Adam Hughes. Who you say well hes only the vocal and guitar to Henry And The Bleeders. We used to skate back in the day of shite hair and somewhat bloody terrible music taste, Hes a real diamond geezer.

So a few days ago i was looking through me Uncles and Grandfathers record collcetion and found some real corkers. I knew he had a original Metallica- Master Of Puppets. Which on its own is pretty bloody cool. But i stumbled upon A old Smiths record, a Speed Metal compilation and a DEVO single. Along with the usual old people records like Elvis.

So everyone goes on holiday on Saturday so house to myself for the week. Back of the net. Tashs saturday night, plenty of Footy, Rugby and cricket on telly should be a grand week. Fucking get in!


I'm a soul man

No I'm not but Sam & Dave are pretty good, I went on a train today and got inspired well much as you can tell

Hmm yes I have'nt really one that much, the weather is pickling me turnips as we speak and I want to tear shred some bits and skateboard, heres a thing it's quite funny, not like haha but like the other way.

PWN3D, thanks I'm going to go gas myself now, will skate soon.