So put your hands on your face and cover up your eyes.

Afternoon all. As you can probally see there has been a lack of activity on here. Im not sure why i suppose theres more interesting things to be done. Well let me tell you now theres been plenty of radical gnarly skateboarding and plenty of videos and pictures taken, but not put on here. For example last night we went skateboarding with a rather special guest, Only Adam Hughes. Who you say well hes only the vocal and guitar to Henry And The Bleeders. We used to skate back in the day of shite hair and somewhat bloody terrible music taste, Hes a real diamond geezer.

So a few days ago i was looking through me Uncles and Grandfathers record collcetion and found some real corkers. I knew he had a original Metallica- Master Of Puppets. Which on its own is pretty bloody cool. But i stumbled upon A old Smiths record, a Speed Metal compilation and a DEVO single. Along with the usual old people records like Elvis.

So everyone goes on holiday on Saturday so house to myself for the week. Back of the net. Tashs saturday night, plenty of Footy, Rugby and cricket on telly should be a grand week. Fucking get in!

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