Sweet As

I just passed my Army Development and Selection Course (ADSC) on Tuesday with a B grade. 27 started only 6 passed. In the next few weeks ill find out whats happening and when ill start basic training. Totally Awesome dude.



Me, Jake, Paul Lilli, Bromley and Karl went to see Slayer last night at the HMV Forum it was proper super duper the set list consisted of:

World Painted Blood


Hate Worldwide


Beauty Through Order

War Ensemble

Blood Red

Spirit In Black

Expendable Youth

Dead Skin Mask

Hallowed Point

Skeletons Of society


Born Of Fire

Seasons In The Abyss

First Encore

Mandatory Suicide

Raining Blood

Aggressive Perfector

Second Encore:

South Of Heaven

Angel Of Death

They played Seasons in its entirety Tom said it was the first time they ever done that before so that was pretty banging. Oh some idiot fell over and like broke his leg and halted the concert for like 25 minuites that was rather annoying.


Totally Bonkers

We (luke, jake, bromley, paul, lilli and zhenia) went to see The Meteors they were really good. I got punched in the gob. Plus running is quicker than public transport.


Piss Kicker

Lets see, now this thing has been updated for proper yonks like. Where have the fly boys been i hear you cry. Well nowhere special thats for sure. Lets see over the course of the last post we went to Blackpool.

And as of then the weather has been one big fat arse hole. So i havent done any skateboarding since mid December. Jake he shreds the stripe off a badger no matter what, So he'd of done plenty of plank racing. Bromley i aint heard owt from him. err i passed my pre: ADSC to join the army a week ago. Got me proper selection test 4th Feb at ATC Pirbright. Maybe gonna see The Meteors on sunday have to wait and see.
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