Salty Back

So Jake, Karl, Bromley and myself went to Denmark and Sweden last year. Iwas looking through all the pictures and videos and came across this bad boy.

For the record im not that fat anymore, that video sure does nothing for my figure. Malmo sure is lovely.

Rules? You don't know the rules, you twat

This place is wooden and we go there but this one time we went there, this happened. You spill my pint?

Pass the Blog to the left hand side

Cor blinkers I can imagine everyone who reads this is fancying some sort of twitmachine based update, well i can totally provide that, I went to Bromley's then to London then to Kingston then to my house via Finsbury park for a miniature shred, I think ill go staple my face to Garry Farmer's inner thigh if you lot don't mind, Gee whizz does privacy even exist anymore?

Heres some juxtaposition or something. JOCKO HOMOs


Edwina Currie shaves me sack.

Afternoon all, I thought i would get things started by sharing some of my megga sweet pictures. Most people know i really respect animals, Reptiles and insects, But on the other hand i like to take pictures of them dead. The more unpleasent the better. Some people might not like the sight of death, but i think its pretty boom boom.

I dont know how jake will feel about that but im sure he'll have a giggle and carry on eating his fried eggs. Plus hes also mentioned using a squashed manky shitty hedgehog as a frisbee.
Laters Y'all X X X X


Get Low

Sometimes people take their partying a little too seriously. Brooklyn circa '92 homeslice. Check this flapjack hit the deck like he does'nt have work the next day or anything. I have a job.

Paninis are Go!

Two posts in one day? I know what youre thinking, 'this guy is edgy', yer I'm edgy alright thats why I'm presenting you with this dope bollocks. Prezz plai 2 B gai, Twitter the punani!

34 seconds for your enjoyment

PS - The thing you can't really see is a b/s boneless, Danforth eat your heart out.

Welcome To Paradise

This is pretty much what youve been waiting for, right? I think I'd had better check my undergarments for chutney. Blog for life! This is me and Luke's thing and we will both use it for I don't know skateboarding and other shit whatever Luke fancies mouthing off about. Go live your life mingers. Because life is for living, drink Diet Coke.