Edwina Currie shaves me sack.

Afternoon all, I thought i would get things started by sharing some of my megga sweet pictures. Most people know i really respect animals, Reptiles and insects, But on the other hand i like to take pictures of them dead. The more unpleasent the better. Some people might not like the sight of death, but i think its pretty boom boom.

I dont know how jake will feel about that but im sure he'll have a giggle and carry on eating his fried eggs. Plus hes also mentioned using a squashed manky shitty hedgehog as a frisbee.
Laters Y'all X X X X

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  1. hahaha siiccccckkkk!!!! keeep it coming luke!!

    more gross stuff and some funny pictures please!!


    a dead stuffed crocodile which has been made into a double bass and like mr. tickle playing the crocodile double bass!!!

    stick that one up when youve done it


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