It's never straight up and down

Shut up Luke, football is pretty shit. Well I have been sort of busy so heres a long one for you oh baby minge syringe. Erm firstly DEVO were bonkers good, like at least 2 times as good as duran duran or something, no really though it was proper, hang on, propper, 2 p's for extra freshness. Heres a picture, I think bad quality is the new good quality so I'll still fit in round shoreditch.

Oh that is such a nice arm, I'll take 2 please
Mark Mothersbaugh gave me about 7 high fives and we promised we would never lose touch again, I got some new boards, I'm not riding one in this clip because this is from the up and coming 'Hold tight Beeston' it will probs be da bomb and such.

Yeah that was good wasnt it, heres Luke and his girlfriend, I'm just glad she gets to see his sensitive side and see him naked even though everyone who knows him sees him in the scudd very oftenly.

Yerp I hope theres no limit to things in a post or something but look at this. I think I've only ever done this once, oh wait no I havent, I do it all the fucking time so maybe i should do a different thing once in a while. Heres a video of another trick I have done loads of times, Saffron walden was pretty cool, then we went to Harlow and funnily enough we bumped into Paul, he's pretty cool I guess, he did a proper jump to fall off and did an ouch.


Oh I spoil you lot I really do, heres one of the genuine lads after DEVO did their shit and that guy was a dick.

Hey! Erm yer we ate some sarnies at Harlow, oh yeah and Luke was a stupid and fell off right onto his back like flat out 180 degrees horizontal in the air, slipped over like an old lady in the snow.

Erm yeah I guess that's not really that much gone on if you think about it, I don't mind atall or anything. I've eaten too much food lately but Jamaican ginger cake is well good with ice cream like uh - oh straight to me hipz and that. Heres quite a nice composition and stunter, I'm out or something, You're fired!


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