Man United! BANG, BANG, BANG!

So it now seems official, My Man United hat attracts all the local rascals. Three times now ive got into altercations with these cocks. Its mainly people shouting obscenities, such as Manc prick or Dick head all because i wear my beloved United beanie. Ive grown up with martial arts and self defense, and steering away from confrontations and violence. But recently that seems to of gone right out the window. The first altercation walking out of an alleyway into two black youths of course an accident unfortunatly the other two didnt see it that way, names are called one being "you fat wanker".
Now hold up their darling dont even go down that route of course everyone knows i can string together some badass phrases. Cant really remember what i said but obviously offensive enougth for the lad to throw a punch. Now its not really legal what i did but lets just say i gave him a seeing to nothing physical but enougth so he knew id right bollock him. Second case was at a cash point not going into that, i wasnt proud what i did their, but the situation occoured in the first place because some bloke simply said "You Manc Prick".
Too which i flicked him the bird, Probally not the best of moves.

Now the reason i bring it up is because it happened again today. I was simply walking back from my house to get some washing up liquid to take back to my Uncles to which im currently staying while hes on holiday. 3 people. 2 male 1 female 17-18 now i presume the ring leader some lanky, Arse flashing, Wonky hat bellend gives me a stare of course sees my hat and he says "Man United BANG BANG BANG".
Hold up you little shit i quick wittily reply "Fucking tosser BANG BANG BANG".
Of course this anus gobbler found that to be offensive so he gave it the big en' and brought his forehead to mine, Not the best of move i tell him to get out my way of course he dosent so i tell him again this time for your benefit get out of the way the other berk with him laughs and tells his mate to knock me out. Now its fairly easy to tell when someones going to hit you unfortunuatly he didnt know this he rotated his shoulder to which i step in with my left foot forearm block the punch, grab the arm, move in with my right foot, twist my body arse to his dick, knees bent i lean in to him to to take him of balance and give a banging sweeping hip throw now hes rolling about on the floor winded, i presume. You cant beat a good Harai Goshi. Think thats how its spelt.

Now i hope im not coming across as a total cock monkey i thought this would make great bloging material. I tried not to make it like a action/thriller script but o well.

Now im just kicking it back waiting for the rugby and the boxing tonight all i need now is a saints win and a Ricky Hatton victory doubt it though. Heres a pic of me setup.

Not forgeting the essentials!

Im outta here MWAH

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