I need to learn more tricks on my skateboard <:-) Wankers

Like wow and hey
These look shit but beleive you me like wow and oh my word, I think Halloumi is my new fave as far as cheese is concerned, hesh.

Oh and I drew a picture for the first time in ages just a minute ago, am i cool?

What else? Oh we went to Jubbs the other night, was sort of a laugh but it's abit too much like a youth club round there and shit, heres my bike I ride it, its not a fixie though because I'm not a cunt.
I'm sure there was something else I had a photo of or something? Mate my farts have been smelling like a right medley of onion and garlic these past few days I don't even know what is up. That was it all along, I bought this CD it looks sick but I guess ill have to take some time out, pour myself a G&T and pop it on, have a listen, I wish i could blog more often but im on a tight schedule. Bang!

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