Yeah I pretty much have polka dots on every item of clothing I own

Alright Massive cunts, it's been ages and I guess Im just like well sorry. Only joking, it does'nt matter one bit. Erm yeah I suppose a fair bit has been going down, the Bedford skatep[ark opening thing had a bit of a gay atmosphere about it but it was sick as tits for Marc Churchell and Greg man to make an appearance, I know it's their jobs an bits but anyway it was pretty awe inspiring. I had a bath the other night, oh yeah that's another thing, I got some shitty point and shoot for this blog, thats blog dedication right there, this one's for all my fans.

What else? Oh me and Tash checked out the new mexican spot in Bedford and I was pretty impressed so I got on the trip and I was just saying to myself 'You can do this, like hold your head up high and stuff like that you're number one head honcho' then i made this for me tea, erm Yeah if you're thinking of buying refried beans then don't because theyre well easy to make.

Hasta La Vista, Dinner!

Mmm tasting good and tasty lick my lips, Also me and my father did a little 'not-in-a-car' skateboard mission at quite early in the morning, went to this green wood or something, then to brixton / stockwell call it whatever, pretty sick and then cantelowes where we pretty much just went so the old man could drop some chocolatey orphans off at the pool and never pick them back up again, bad parenting. What a don! Whacked out of his mind on bits of wood with bits stuck to them practically just laying it down like that.

Hello and thank you and hello again before i put another picture up here because im just keeping this weB LOG and everyones going mad for it, rabies style. I wish i had some sort of up to date video footage of a jump and/or spin. But alas I dont got it like that.

Beige is the new tartan. Chocolate boxing gloves all round!

Yeah so we went to Sweet time saffy the other night and i did a hurt on my ankle cos I'm a mincer more often than not, trying to get all boss man on a trizzer but its alright, this resulted in an impromptu (Fuck off because if thats spelt right then wicked but if its wrong then im only doing it to take the piss or something) trip to a reputable high street supermarket where I went truly off me rocker for some discounted goods, does anyone know how to spell result?

Its proper terrible but I actually ate all these bar 2, I am fat + cool = T-shirt that says something on it like 'Get your pulled, you've coat' mind you I would actually love that on a tshirt that would be funny. See you later, I'll like never forget you and stuff awww, yer until next time. Check Tash getting buck wiuld by the w-w-w-window.

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