"Blog me senseless Mr. Darcy"

Kewt right? Hey of course im going to post a picture of myself this is what I do, for all you non-beleivers out there, check this bad boy puffer face front jump.

Another thing, this was a while ago now, but me and Bromley were researching our family trees and turns out that we're direct descendents of the 2 coolest people that ever existed, which kinda rocks and junk.

Bromley's hurt his ankle and Luke's hurt his back on the Wii fit or something gay like that, or from when he was playing strip buckaroo with his fraternity. Erm yeah there probably is more crap I could post with me as the centre of attention, I love myself and that.

Try not to let this video melt your brain through the means of radioactive awesomeness and stoke-itude rays. I need to make about 24 pasties tonight. Erm not epic fail or something, bye.

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