HA HA HA I am funny

Yo macaroons don't touch the fabric, it's spesh. Here's a thing
Oops, it was 2 things, sometimes I'm just so daft, give me my own programme motherfucker. Oh look what on earth is that in the distance? Phew, it was just another thing like below this writing there is one of.

Thought it was pretty funny, comin' up 09 so don't mess, listen to 'Take my breath away by Berlin' you'll love it/it's shit. Oh yeah and I drew this, I just thought the concept was pretty funny its not drawn accurately or nuffin but who do you think I am, flippin' Leonardo Dicaprio or something? Likewise, OMG long time no see. Yeah aswell as far as actual useful stuff goes I've visited Hereford, Perdiswell and Saffron Wobbler in the past few days, shit's pretty tight, unlike Luke's jeans oooooooo stop losing weight thinny. I would have loved to provide photographic evidence and junk but my camera has been jacked up for a while by someone so I just cannot. Thank you and goodnight!

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