Holy Jesus What a Hunk

Jake recently posted a new blog. So its about time i did, Now id like to say ive been busy not to post anything but the truth is im totally shit. I hurt my back like a month or so back, Now everytime i go skating or any physical activity the next day it canes like a slag, I say day but it depends you think its fine go to shred the tits off something and oh bugger me back. So thats quite annoying. Now jake posted that awsome picture of himself in his delightful towel, Of course i have to top that! So i belive i have set your eyes on this bad boy

Now i dont know about you but i think i look shit off fine. Hopefully ill be up for some skateboarding this weekend and now Jake has his camera back. So im certain they'll be a megga awsome sweet videy piccy blog. laters XX

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